When you book – an invoice will be generated and sent to you, with a date on it.

Confirmed Bookings will be cancelled without notice if invoices are not fully paid within ten days after the date on the invoice.

Sompting Village Hall: Conditions of Hire

Please note this hall operates a no smoking policy
No helium balloons are to be bought into the hall

  1. Users of the hall must leave it in a clean and tidy condition. To help you: there is a vacuum cleaner in the lobby. This is very efficient and does a good job in just a few minutes. Please vacuum the mats if necessary. If our broom is used please clean after use. There is a mop and bucket to clear up any spills kept in the kitchen. It is important that the mop is damp and not dripping with water, as the oak floor polish will not stand lots of water on it. There are also cleaning materials situated in a kitchen cupboard clearly marked. Please check that all toilets are left clean and tidy and the kitchen floor is vacuumed/mopped, mats vacuumed and tables and worktops wiped. It is essential that all furniture is put back in its proper place. Any failure to meet 1 -15 of the conditions will result in all or part of the deposit being deducted. 
  2. All rubbish is to be placed outside the kitchen door in the dumpster provided. The kitchen must be clean before the premises are vacated. 
  3. All lights and the hall heater are to be turned off on vacating the premises.
  4. Any breakages must be reported to the Hall Manager immediately. Breakages must be paid for by the hirer.
  5. All doors and windows must be securely locked on leaving the premises.
  6. The gate to the car park must be closed on leaving the premises.
  7. All Hirers must vacate the premises promptly by the end of their session or they will be expected to pay for the next session as well unless other arrangements have been agreed by the Hall Manager.
  8. All music must be turned off at 10.00pm and the premises must be vacated by 10.30pm by all evening users with the exception of Sundays. (see item 9)
  9. If music (live or recorded) is being played on a Sunday this must cease at 9.30pm and the premises vacated by 10.00pm.
  10. If music live or recorded is being played then all windows and doors must be kept shut after 9pm
  11. Hirers are requested to have regard for the local residents by being as quiet as possible on arriving and especially leaving the premises by confining their activities within the hall and by paying particular attention to the volume of the music being played. Because of the No Smoking rule please ensure smokers do not cause a disturbance out in the car park to the neighbours and that nothing is thrown over their walls.
  12. Please note, that the special conditions set out in 8, 9, 10 and 11 above are stipulations by Adur District Council as conditions of the Premises Licence of the hall and must be strictly adhered to.
  13. No Booking is secured until the Hall Manager has received and accepted the completed booking form, payment for the hire and deposit. The hall will be checked immediately following their use of the hall prior to their deposit refunded. Hirers should take photos of the hall before leaving
  14. Hirers are solely responsible for the key issued to them. Any loss should be reported to the Hall Manager immediately. The key should be returned to the place of collection following their use of the hall unless previously agreed by the Hall Manager.
  15. The key to be collected on the day from the key safe situated near the kitchen door. The code will be given to the hirer prior to the day of their event. Please ensure that the key is replaced securely afterwards. The double gates of the carpark to be closed upon leaving for security.
  16. Please think of the next user of the hall before leaving, would you like to find it less than clean and tidy? If there is a problem when you arrive please contact the Hall Manager immediately 07770 795759
  17. No helium balloons are to be brought into the hall.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all fire safety precautions and procedures are adhered to.

The kitchen door must be unlocked during the period of hire to enable it to be used as a means of escape. There are fire action notices displayed throughout the hall.

Hall Manager: Mrs Barbara Earley. By The Way. West Street. Sompting Village. Lancing. West Sussex. BN15 0DA.

Email: admin@somptingvillagehall.org

Telephone: 01903 766065 / 07770 795759