What will I learn in Beauty School?

What will I learn in Beauty School?

Working in the cosmetology field involves making people feel great about their appearance or helping clients get the look they want. Learn more about the beauty school.

Basics of Beauty School

Beauty schools offer a variety of programs that you might explore, depending on your goals. A general cosmetology program might be an ideal option if you want to work on hairstyles as well as provide other services in the salon. If you’d prefer to be an esthetician or nail technician, you might choose either the nail technology or skincare program, or locate programs that combine the two areas of studies. Some schools also provide separate cosmetic and massage classes. No matter what their particular focus the majority of beauty schools teach students about hygiene practices. Some programs also teach the management of salons and business issues.

Beauty School Information

Online Availability Programs are available

Programs Cosmetology, Manicuring, Esthetics, Barbering

Potential Careers: Salon Manager, Platform Artist/Makeup Artist Stylist and Freelance Hair Stylist

The Continuing Education Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in cosmetology school memphis tn are readily available

Cosmetologists, hairdressers and hairstylists, the average wage for 2020 is $27.380.

Job Outlook (2019-2029) 2% (for hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hair Care

You may have to attend several hair care classes as a student in cosmetology. You might start off with the basics of haircutting which requires you to master the use of scissors, razors, clippers and other hair care tools to properly maintain hair. Once you’re comfortable with these tools, then you can begin to master more advanced skills like styling and coloring. You might learn how to style and curl your hair or apply thermal or chemical treatments.

Nail Technology

First, you will be acquainted with the items and tools you’ll require for nail treatments. These include nail files, clippers, polish and other enhancements. These are the areas where proper sanitation methods are also addressed. If the work area is not cleaned and disinfected regularly Infections could spread to clients.

When you’ve got a good base in safe methods and tools, you are able to begin to develop your skills in pedicures and manicures. Utilizing real clients, you may be able to perform a variety of nail treatments under the supervision of an instructor. You might be able to apply wraps or gels to your nails, or even shape and polish the feet and hands. It’s also possible to learn to give arm, hand and foot massages. Some schools will also teach you about nail irregularities as well as illnesses.

Skin Care

The beauty school curriculum usually includes the topic of skincare regardless of whether they are general cosmetology programs or specific esthetician-related programs. So that you may meet your customers’ needs it is possible to be taught about various skin types and conditions. After you have an understanding of the skin’s analysis and how it affects your appearance, you can move on to treatments. You might learn how to use the chemical, manual, and electronic facial treatments, and how to apply makeup to clients. Some programs can even teach you how to get rid of hair.

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