Terms of hire

Occasional users

After checking availability with the Hall Manager and arranging your booking by phone or email, please download a booking form with our full terms for occasional users and return it to the US mail box, By The Way, West Street, Sompting. Payment to be made via BACS. No cash or cheques can be accepted. 

Provisional, telephone or email bookings will be regarded as firm when a completed booking form and the appropriate deposit and hire charge payment have been received. No acknowledgement will be made unless specifically requested.

Once a booking has become firm, no refund of the hire charge will be made in the event of cancellation by the hirer unless we successfully re-hire the Hall to another user.

A log in/log out book has recently been introduced, this is to ensure the hall is left in a clean and tidy condition by every user. 

1. Hirers are expected to have regard at all times for the Hall’s neighbours. Our terms include provisions regarding noise levels and measures to preserve the peaceful character of Sompting but with reasonable latitude for bona fide entertainment. Hirers who flout our terms and annoy our neighbours will not be permitted to use the Hall again and risk losing their deposit (see 2 below).

2. Non-regular users will be asked for a deposit, returnable when the trustees have inspected for damage and cleanliness and satisfied themselves that no complaints have been made by the Hall’s neighbours. The deposit may be higher for some bookings, at the Hall Manager’s discretion. A charge may be deducted or deposit forfeited without notice to cover work or expenses necessitated by damage, complaints from our neighbours or failure to leave the premises in a clean and tidy state.

Regular users

Regular user status, and with it our lowest hire rates, are conditional on a user group signing and observing a formal hiring agreement and providing a representative; s/he acts as the group’s liaison with the Hall Manager and is responsible for the group’s proper usage of the Hall and compliance with hire terms. Non-business representatives may also become trustees (see the About page) and attend Committee of Management meetings.

The hiring agreement covers security, cleanliness, tidiness, noise, safety, equipment, damage, insurance, deposits, termination and similar matters. Full details and a specimen document are available from the Hall Manager.

A log in/log out book has recently been introduced.

Saturday and Sunday evenings are only hired out to persons known or recommended by a committee member.

Bouncy Castles are only allowed inside the hall, not outside because of problems with noise to the neighbours.