The Hall is accredited under the Hallmark quality standards scheme Level 1 for village halls.

The charity’s recent achievements include:

  • A successful refurbishment the in 2006, including a new oven, redecoration, refitted toilets and fire-proof curtains
  • A review of governance arrangements and restructuring of the Committee of Management to help streamline and expedite decisions and actions and avoid the trustees having conflicts of interest between their user bodies and the charity
  • A Premises Licence, granted in 2007
  • Regular upgrades to the hall’s facilities
  • Mandatory electrical inspection carried out in 2013
  • Use of the Hall by public authorities for meetings, consultations and exhibitions
  • Installation of a heater in the kitchen
  • Publicity measures, in particular the construction and launch of this website, including a free web page facility for each of the Hall’s regular users
  • Several areas have been re-decorated, this is an ongoing project
  •  Documenting and publishing the Hall’s history, accessible on this site
  •  Award of Level 1 Hallmark status, accrediting us as well-run
  • A formal hiring agreement is now in place for all regular hirers, to help ensure that the Hall’s, its users’ and our neighbours interests are protected and their responsibilities are clear

Our future plans

  • Further researching and documenting the Hall’s history
  • Making the Hall available to the authorities when needed for civil emergencies and otherwise in the public interest – for example we are pleased to make the Hall available free of charge for public interest meetings and campaign activities

Legal matters

The charity’s constitution is embedded in a 1953 conveyance, which transferred the Hall to a charitable trust. Under this the trustees are charged with making the Hall available for training, recreation and social, moral and intellectual development through reading and recreation rooms, library, lectures, classes and entertainments or otherwise, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Sompting and its immediate vicinity. A copy can be obtained from our Secretary, at the address given on the Contact page. 

Under the Charities Act 2006, the charity qualifies as such under the following classifications:

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives
  • The advancement of citizenship or community development
  • The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science
  • Other purposes currently recognised as charitable and any new charitable purposes which are similar to another charitable purpose.